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Environmental Issues and Agreements

Programs in Georgia to clean up the environment within the Environmental Protection Division (EPD): Air Protection Branch, Watershed Protection Branch, Land Protection Branch, and Hazardous Waste Management Programs.

Air Protection Branch: The Air Protection Branch within the EPD is working hard at protecting Georgia’s air quality through regulations set for emissions from sources such as industrial and mobile. The branch also regularly monitors levels of air pollutants throughout the state. For further information regarding the Air Protection Branch please visit their website at

Watershed Protection Branch: The purpose of the Watershed Protection Branch is to manage water resources in Georgia. This is done through permits to local governments and industry to discharge treated wastewater. Permits are also granted to local governments, industry, farmers and subdivisions for surface water and groundwater withdrawals. The Branch also ensures that the public water systems of Georgia are properly operating to supply safe drinking water to citizens, works to control nonpoint sources of pollution, which include erosion and sedimentation. The Branch monitors water quality and manages storm water discharges.

Land Protection Division: Managing the disposal and treatment of solid waste through the permitting of municipal and industrial solid waste landfills falls under the supervision of the Land Protection Division. This Branch oversees underground storage tank registration and remediation, scrap tire cleanups, surface mining permitting and reclamation, and the certification of lead based paint and asbestos removal contractors.

Hazardous Waste Management Programs: The Hazardous Waste Management Programs are teamed with the Land Protection Branch to regulate government and businesses that generate or store hazardous waste. The programs investigate spills and releases involving hazardous waste, and then determine the impact to soil and water. The Hazardous Waste Fund, also known as the State Superfund, is administered by the Hazardous Waste Programs to pay for the cleanup of some contaminated sites. For more information visit