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International Trade

The state of Georgia relies heavily on agricultural exports. In fact, in 2008 Georgia’s reliance on agricultural exports was 27 percent with top exports of cotton and peanuts. The top agricultural exports in 2008 included cotton and linters which brought in $584 million, poultry and products at $555 million, peanuts and products at $153 million, and wheat and products at $149 million.

–State Exports for Georgia:

–State Export Data:

–Georgia’s International Offices:

Statistics about Georgia’s international trade:

  • Eleven percent of Georgia’s forest products are sold to foreign markets.
  • In 1995 all Georgia exports totaled $12,400,489,703.  Of this amount: paper and allied products = $1,878,469,187; lumber and wood products = $75,842,189; furniture and fixtures = $35,167,842; and round wood products = $2,368,948.
  • In 1995 Georgia forestry-related exports were 16.1% of total exports from the state.
  • In 1995, of Georgia’s total $75,842,189 in lumber and wood products exports, the most, $15,709,000, went to Japan.  The second largest in lumber and wood products exports, $12,730,000, went to Canada, and a distant third, $5,845,000, went to China (Taiwan).
  • The Georgia Ports Authority handled 9,519,942 tons of cargo in 1995.  Of this amount, forest products play a major role with: 801,359 tons of wood pulp; 305,715 tons of linerboard; 33,196 tons of plywood; and, 16,666 tons of poles.
  • In 1995 forestry-related tonnage of cargo handled by the Georgia Ports Authority was 12.1% of the Ports’ total tonnage handled.