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Adriana West (Keller Williams First Atlanta): Real Estate Agent in Roswell, GA
Minority Business Enterprise Certified

Testimonials for Our Work

Stacie Knapp

You were so wonderful to work with, especially since we were doing a lot of the search from CA! All the homes you showed us, the binder of all home info, and the final binder with all the home info was above and beyond!

Akia Morgan

It would have been nice to have some more houses to use as a surprise [for my husband]. All in all we built a great trusting relationship.

Stanley Mathews

Adriana was always there to explain and walk us thru the various steps involved in home buying. Adriana West Team took care of everything-contract, inspection, warranty, insurance, mortgage and even handymen services after closing. Adriana negotiated on behalf of us and got us the best deal in everything. It was a pleasure working with Adriana West Team.

Beth Bores (Renter)

I hope this finds you well.  I wanted to send you a note to express OUR DEEPEST THANKS, not only for your support in each moment, but especially for your friendship.  It is very gratifying to cross paths in life with people like you.

Karlo Bustos (Seller)

Adriana is a diligent and caring person.  This is just one of the many great traits that she brings in to being the “best” realtor we know.  Thanks Adriana for all of your help!

Abel Gutierrez (Seller)

What I have to say is that Ms. Adriana West was very efficient and attentive to all my questions since I signed my contract with her until the closing.  Thanks.

Leigh Ann Wu (Buyer)

You are already a 10+.  We’ll definitely use you again to sell our current house and purchase another home in the next 2 years.  You were accessible 24/7 via email, phone, letters, and messages, and understood our needs and special circumstances.

Thank you so much for all the time you gave us, your patience, and your encouragement.  Without your assistance, our son might still be waiting for his first home.

Lourdes Porter (Seller)

I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you spent trying to get my house sold.  I wish we would’ve had a little longer to work on it now that we seemed to be getting more traffic.  This past week has been chaotic so I apologize for not getting back with you.  Again, thank you so very much for everything you did.

(Property foreclosed due to no offers – not every short sale is successful)

Jaime and Sasha Latonis (Buyer)

Adriana was always very accessible by cell phone and email, and patiently showed us a lot of great properties.  She was very knowledgeable about all areas of real estate, and always explained things in terms I could understand.  Thank you for all of your hard work.

Andres Olarte (Seller)

I wanted to thank you for all your help with this sale. It was not easy, but you made it happen, and freed us. I really thank you, and you know that here we are at your disposal.

Kelly Welles, Loss Mitigation, Everhome Mortgage

Thank you Adriana. Your Promptness was greatly appreciated throughout the transaction. You were a pleasure to work with as well.

George Font (Inspector)

As a home inspector I spend anywhere from four to five hours per inspection with a client at a house doing a home inspection. In the process we talk about everything. We start with the house and end with other topics. One of the topics on which the clients always touches base with me is their Real Estate agent.

They complain the house is not located where they wanted or it is too expensive or it is too old, or too new or they complain that the realtor never listens or never answered phone calls, on an on…. I have worked with many real estate agents and I almost always have to ask myself: Who are they working for? With Adriana’s clients I never hear these concerns.  As a matter of fact, Adriana protects her clients so much that she seeks me out. Most realtors want a quick and dirty inspection, nothing long, nothing that would complicate their lives. Regardless of how it can affect the client.

In Adriana’s case she is an extremely detail oriented person. She listens to her clients, she will study the client’s wants and requirements and no matter how long it may take she will find the best property possible. Many realtors will specialize in an geography or price range and no matter what you want they will try to sell you something in their area.  Adriana will go the extra mile. I have inspected properties for Adriana’s clients in all of Georgia, in all price ranges and all ages. I think that says a lot about her as a person and a professional.  She works hard to find what the client wants and of course, can afford, and then she makes sure the clients is getting the best deal possible. She does not cut sellers any slack. Adriana thinks about her clients. What more can I say.

Christopher Radic

My transaction is what many consider to be a difficult process: having to negotiate with two banks, HOA AND the property is a condo which are NOT easy to sell. Adriana was there from step one, continuously communicating and explaining issues in terms a non-real estate pro could understand. I truly felt I was working with someone who was on my side – even after we left the closing table! Adriana was also able to get this property to closing about two weeks earlier than expected! Adriana did a great job, I would certainly recommend her to anyone else who is either buying or selling a home.

Jose Cruz

I was very pleased to have negotiated the house with Adriana West as my Realtor. She is excellent and I was very satisfied with the help she gave me. I hope that she can help many more people as she did such a great job with me. I thank her very much.

Craig Kim

Adriana, Thank you SO much for helping us with our house. We are incredibly thankful that we had you to assist us in this difficult situation. For question #6 [Survey: "How much did you feel I cared about your financial future..."], I’d give you a 10+. Thank you.

Cynthia Beasley

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication in the sale of our home. We know that you spent MANY hours working on our behalf! Adriana, you have been a source of encouragement and strength for me! Through all the offers and deals that didn’t work out, you never quit nor would you let me think negatively. I know God sent you my way! Thank you for everything – being a great agent, awonderful friend, and a prayer partner! Much love and prayers. Dan and Cindy Beasley

Lane Manoosingh

Adriana, First of all we would like to thank you for the great job that you have done in working with us to find the house of our dreams. We are so very happy with the property that we purchased and looking forward to raising our little boy in the house. We will never hesitate to refer you to any and all persons who are looking for the home of their dreams. Now that we are pretty much done with all the closing stuff, there are a few things that we need to get done with the property during, or before we move in. The items I would like information on are listed below. [Removed for privacy] Thanks again Adriana, we hold you in the highest regard, both professionally and as a friend.

Celestine Kabanda (Seller)

I do not know how I can thank you for your kind assistance to sell my house. You are really efficient and deserve all the trust of your clients. Everything went smoothly. You wiped away my stress. Now, since we finished the closing process, I feel at peace. I wish you all the success in your work. I am sure your current and future clients will feel the same as me, at the end of the selling process.

Seth and Arlene Perlmutter (Buyer)

Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us! You went above and beyond anything we could have asked for, and we appreciate it all. We look forward to having you visit our new home.

David and Claudia Silva

Many many thanks for all your help. Thanks to you and to your hard work, we achieved the American Dream. …We hope that you stay as good and nice in all that you do. We thank you for everything.

Wendy LeMieux

You stuck with us through the whole process, just like you said you would. Despite the outcome, I would recommend you to anyone I know buying or selling a house. Thank you so much for all your help.

Seller Name withheld to protect privacy

You were very knowledgeable from start to finish! Sometimes you look back and you know you’ve made some good decisions, as well as some bad ones. My wife and I often commented to each other that we thanked God we chose Adriana to handle our sale. We were trying to decide to use her or the agent in our neighborhood, and looking back at the complexity of this type of transaction, there is no way a normal agent could have helped us with all the things that came up. She knew the process inside out, and what could (and eventually did) happen. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs to sell their home. She was awsome

Remedios Almanza

My Dear Adriana, I am here racking my brain to find a way to express my appreciation for all that you did for me (of course it wasn’t for free, ha ha). Anyway, a thousand thanks for your time, for putting yourself in my shoes, and for finding me a solution to my problem. And for all this, you will be known as the “QF2″ (Quality, Fast, Friendly). Many thanks. Remedios.

Roy & Luz Swaby (Seller)

March 10, 2008 Dear Mrs. Adriana West, We first heard about Mrs. Adriana West when one of our friends had just recently sold their house, and they strongly recommended her to us. At that time, we called her and told her that we were preparing to sell our house. She helped us all the way, and we were very happy to have had her as our realtor. She was friendly, professional, and patient. She also helped us sell our house sooner than we thought we could. From our experience with her, we stroingly recommend her to anyone who is either selling, buying, or renting Real Estate. thank you for everything you have done to help us. You made our family very happy. Sincerely, The Swaby Family

Lisa Hardy (Seller)

To Whom It May Concern: Adriana West is an excellent real estate agent for many reasons. She is professional, tenacious, thorough and detail-oriented. I believe her chief advantage over all other agents is her compassion. She is driven to do what is best for the client because she genuinely cares about them. Because she has the clients’ interest as her focus, she remains calm and shrewd with complex negotiations and high emotions. I cannot say enough about her impeccable qualities as a professional. It was a pleasure to work with her and we look forward to doing so again.

Note: all references on file and photocopies can be provided upon request.