Atlanta Real Estate Market Outlook, Growing!

The first three months of 2013 highlighted the equity market’s ability to frequently defy investor expectations. In particular, investors who expected the Atlanta market to falter early in the year were likely taken aback by the strength of its first-quarter rally. However, by quarter-end, investors who had maintained or perhaps increased their equity exposure in the face of potential headwinds may have been well-rewarded for their fortitude.

After decades of exceptional population and job growth, metro Atlanta’s economy imploded in 2008. The city was slow to recover, largely because an overheated housing markets left the community particularly vulnerable (annual average of 69,975 residential permits from 2002 to 2006).

Atlanta’s rebound has not been as quick or robust as hoped, but it is still very real. A gradual, broad-based recovery is arguably preferable. The relationship between population and job growth is far healthier (ratio of 2 to 1) than what occurred in the last decade, and the fact that development activity is more in sync with market fundamentals demonstrates strength. The real estate sector’s continued improvement will add further economic momentum.

The truth is that Atlanta’s economy and real estate market evidence clear sign of recovery and that positive momentum has accelerated in recent months.

Atlanta seems to be moving forward towards improvement with five consecutive quarters reporting a positive net absorption (the rate, expressed as a percentage, at which available space in the marketplace is leased during a predetermined period of time). As we get through the next few months, momentum will likely return to Atlanta’s market.

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