Invest in Atlanta Georgia

Why Atlanta?

Atlanta is enjoying steady population growth, and according to Forbes Magazine, the city is one of the top ten cities in the nation for new construction and currently sits as the #1 “Most Business Friendly” (fDi’s North American Cities of the Future).  It has been rated the 4th best city to invest in America by CNN Money. It has also rated “Top Cities with Tax Structures Favorable to Business” (KPMG). Investing in Atlanta, GA’s real estate market is a very attractive proposition right now.

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce projects 2011-20 population growth at 90,000 per year with an associated job market growth of 60,000 jobs per year – adding demand to housing market.

The city of Atlanta is one of the nation’s most stable and fastest growing cities. Job growth is a crucial factor for investors, and Atlanta has the 3rd fastest growing jobs market in the nation, as well as the third most corporate 500 company headquarters (e.g. CNN, The Home Depot, UPS, The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, Sun Trust Bank).

The cost of living in Atlanta is one of the leading job relocation cities in the nation, and many are searching for wonderful single family homes. Residents of Atlanta enjoy living in one of the least costly cities in the nation – the 4th most affordable city in the country to live in according to Forbes. This is great for investors as well, because it means that buyers have more income to spend on things like single family housing.

Atlanta is also an ideal place to locate or expand your business.  Check out our video on Why Invest in Georgia on our website explaining why Georgia should be high on your list for growing your business because of its unparalleled infrastructure and business climate.

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