Is Your Home Over-Dressed?

Almost every home that goes on the market needs a make under. The less of you that is visible in your home, the quicker your home will sell. The bigger and more spacious your home looks, the higher it’s perceived value.

We all tend to keep adding stuff over the years to our home and just don’t stop adding. But now that your home is on sale, you want its features to shine.  You want buyers to say Wow!

Compare it when you get dressed. You put together a great look but then you keep adding more accessories to your outfit.  Suddenly your great look is lost. No one will be able to focus on that perfect necklace or pair of shoes because it is buried under too much ‘stuff’.  The best outfits are those with a simple color palette.

Your home is the same. It’s an extension of your personality but it shouldn’t be the showcase for everything you’ve seen. Layering is wonderful but you have to know when to stop.

So how do you change it?  Start with one room. How would you dress it?  It’s called Staging, and we are experts at it.

Home Expo Gallery helps you sell your home by not over-accessorizing it. Adriana ran a professional interior design company for 12 years before founding the company.  Call now and let us help you dress for success.

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