Retirement Planning with Real Estate

We have all learned that sometimes being able to continue on our own path to arrive at a higher level of achievement, we will need the help of many people in our lives. Some of them are called Coach, or Mentor, or Spiritual Guide, or Advisor. I am no different than anybody else in this, so I have found a wonderful mentor for a great area in my Business – Commercial Real Estate.

A couple of months ago, in one of our meetings, he told me: “Adriana, you are responsible for teaching your friends, family and clients how to build their retirement future. 80% of the American population does not have a plan for how are they going to live after they retire, they do not have the savings or the income to live a retired life”.

I thought for weeks about this concept, and it felt funny. I felt a new sense of responsibility toward my clients with the duty that came with this thought. But I also realized that this feeling was not enough to really make it happen for my clients.

Talking with many different clients, the Real Estate adrenaline we are experiencing right now is something we are going to see may be once in our lifetimes. I receive many phone calls from clients that have some savings, but not enough to buy an investment in Real Estate. Remember: this is their savings, I have to help them find a way to make it grow. This really drove home the big responsibility I had in my hands to advise my clients properly.

We hear every day about this opportunity or that where rich people are making even more money and the gap between the different levels of society is going to be even greater. Well, let me tell you a big secret: all these rich people started as standard normal guys, and are making their money grow. They are not achieving this alone, they have advisors and so forth who help them to this great achievement.

Well, I realized that we can do the same thing on a small scale. Remember: we all start out small. All the Hedge Funds and Investment Companies and Financial Big Entities are here to bring a group of people together and raise money to invest as a group. With a higher amount of money to invest. the level of investments and the returns that can be achieved also become higher.

I am starting to create the small version of this standard idea for my clients – by way of Real Estate Syndications. This type of Company has been around for many years and It still works.

Syndicate: a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations.

I would love to explain all the intricacies of Real Estate Syndications through my next couple of Blogs. In the mean time, if you share your questions, ideas, and thoughts about it, I will make sure to address them in the future blogs.

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