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Adriana West (Keller Williams First Atlanta): Real Estate Agent in Roswell, GA
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Our Marketing Strategy

We think “Outside the box.”  Your average commercial real estate agent is part of an old-boys network.  They market only to their own database – they are interested only in finding their own buyer for your property, not cooperating with all the brokers in the market.  This dramatically reduces the effectiveness and reach of their marketing efforts – because they have no real interest in marketing other than to show their client that they are doing so.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Little more than a decade ago, residential agents travelled around with big heavy paper books of listings and considered the need to work with other agents to sell their listings as a negative.  Today, Realtors understand that cooperating amongst themselves makes everyone more productive – “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  This philosophy has not yet embedded itself in the mind of the Commercial Agent.

The vast majority of commercial listings are not listed in publically accessible databases such as Georgia MLS.  The large commercial databases require a fee to register, and most agents would rather not pay it, they want to find and bring their own buyer to earn the entire commission.

We market your property on all public databases, as well as our own internal web site.   We publish the information to Georgia’s Real Estate Investors Association.  We proudly highlight the fact that we will cooperate with any licensed broker and share the commission equally.   We go a step further and register your property in a broad series of international web sites for foreign national real estate investors – those who realize that US Real Estate is the safest haven that still offers the potential of substantial returns for their investment funds (on the international stage).  Adriana’s international certifications give her access to a broad range of international sites as well as a network of internationally qualified and certified resources to make deals happen in any language with any culture.

We believe that the commercial market must undergo the same paradigm shift and technological revolution that the residential market experienced over the last decade.  The old-boys must give way to the new age. Here is how we are different:

The two biggest factors that make a commercial property move are an aggressive price and an aggressive marketing plan. The two works together to achieve the best results. The plan we will use to market your property will be custom-tailored to your needs and budget, along with the unique nature of the property itself.

1.    Professionally Customized Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). You will receive a CMA tailored to your property compared to similar properties in your area. This is a real-time comparison with active, pending, and recently sold properties of the same type in your area. We will discuss this CMA together at our Listing Appointment to help determine the pricing strategy for your property.

2.    Photography Service for your Property. We will take between 5 and 20 pictures of your property to be uploaded with your listings (see below). You can see these images as we take them, if you like, and upon request the photographs can be emailed to you.

3.    Property Preparation Review and Advice. We will go through your property together, and make a thorough visual inspection, at the time of the Listing Appointment. At that time, we will discuss simple things you should do to prepare your home for sale – and equally important, expensive things you should avoid.

4.    Exclusive FMLS and GAMLS Listings with multiple photos. Within one business day of our Listing Appointment, your property will be listed – with multiple photographs – on both First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) and Metro Listing Service (GAMLS), the two MLS systems used by professional agents in the Atlanta Metro area. Displaying multiple photographs is proven to sell over 31% faster than homes without photos.

5.    Featured Listing on the Home Expo Gallery web sites. We use a custom program on our website to feature your property. Here they can see all of the pictures and any documentation associated with your listing.

6.    Featured listing on key commercial portals. Your property will be instantly posted, with multiple photos, on every major internet search portal. A partial listing of more than 230 web sites/portals we use are:

Name                                                                URL
Property Line                                          
Georga MLS                                            
First MLS                                                 
Commercial Source                                                                              

7.    Listing on EVERY Major Real Estate Company website and most small Real Estate company web sites. Our IDX agreement with the multiple listing services shares your listing with every other member using IDX technology.

8.    Exposure to a Mega-Pool of LIVE Buyer Prospects. It is critical to list your property with a company that has great visibility in the local market – that is why I chose to associate myself with the Keller Williams logo. This nationally known name makes buyers feel safe to call my number to inquire about your home.

9.    Signage. Elegant Keller Williams/ Home Expo Gallery Commercial Sign.

10.    24-hour 800# sign rider. This rider attaches to the sign above, and directs the seller to an 800 number to get more information about the listing.

11.    Spanish Recording on 800#. In addition to the standard recording in English, a native Spanish Speaker will translate the recording for the Latin-American market.

12.    Feedback and Buyer Tracking. Every lead will be followed. Every agent will get an email or a phone call asking for feedback. Any repeat showings will be aggressively followed up and tracked. If a buyer saw your property more than once, they are a hot prospect that must be pursued.

13.    Shooting a Virtual Tour and attaching it to the listing web sites.

14.    Customized web page on the Home Expo Gallery web site. The enhanced text from this web site will also become the recording (in both English and Spanish) for the 800 number and also includes the Online Documentation Delivery.

15.    Custom Flyer/Brochure. We will develop a custom, multi-color flier that can be placed in the property or outside in an information tube or flyer box. Available in English and Spanish.

16.    Comprehensive “Buyer’s Booklet” containing the flyer (above, included), map of the neighborhood, key features of the property and vicinity, area geographic/demographic data, and more. Available in English and Spanish.

17.    Buyer’s Booklet on CD. The same information from above included electronically on a CD for the buyer to take with them. Also attached to the (included) Customized Web Page above.

18.    Seller’s Testimonial Video. Our videographer shoots you talking about your property and explaining its unique features, where the local amenities and suppliers are, the foot traffic or environmentals, whatever you believe the best-selling features of your property to be. The video is attached to the listings, the property website, and referenced on any printed marketing materials.

19.    Direct Mail to Brokers. The project marketing materials are e-mailed to the commercial brokerage community monthly or when changes are made to the listing.

20.    Home Expo Gallery Commercial Distribution,In addition to the standard Internet-Based databases, KW Commercial brokers have developed specialized distribution lists of prospective tenants, buyers and business entities throughout the years. This list is expanded daily and used for all listings.

21.    Reporting. A formal report will be provided on a monthly basis or in a timeframe agreed to by both parties. In this report, we will detail our marketing efforts, developments in the submarket which affect your property, status of negotiations, tours, interested parties and all other marketing details.

22.    Brokerage Interaction. It is our philosophy to treat the real estate brokers as clients. We solicit and encourage their participation in bringing buyers into negotiations with the seller.

23.    Networking through Professional Organizations. Home Expo Gallery representatives are very active in numerous professional organizations and numerous local chambers of commerce, not to mention the countless organizations that our representatives are actively involved in on a personal level throughout the community. We utilize our participation to network and promote the properties which we are marketing.

24.    Property Tours / Site Visits. We personally introduce the property to each interested prospect. We will meet with prospects and their brokers (if any) on-site to gain a better understanding of the topography of the site. Our strategy is two-fold: first, we present the positive aspects of the property, such as the location, visibility, frontage, etc.; second, we use this face-to-face opportunity to learn as much as we can about the prospect and obtain any insightful information. When conducting a site visit for an interested prospect, we ensure that the prospect understands the positive characteristics of the project and any economic advantages to be achieved due to the physical features the project may have to offer.

The Home Expo Gallery process is structured to meet your objectives

We accomplish these results by blending old, established methods with the newest technology. Together we will make decisions regarding how to utilize signage, mass marketing, advertising and use of the Internet.

Home Expo Gallery is experienced, thinks “outside the box”; and is well respected in the business and commercial real estate community. Our representatives are consummate “Networkers”, which is essential in this economic and commercial real estate environment.