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Adriana West (Keller Williams First Atlanta): Real Estate Agent in Roswell, GA
Minority Business Enterprise Certified

My Service Agreement

In one of my Articles, I tell you the 10 questions you should ask an agent, when interviewing them to sell your home.  I’d like to take a moment and answer those questions for you, and give you some additional information beyond the questions.

  1. Yes, I am a full-time professional Real Estate agent, and have been for four years – representing both Buyers and Sellers the whole time.  In addition, I have been handling Short Sales with great success for the last 3 years.  I am a member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.
  2. My team assists me in the administrative tasks.  I will always be your first and last point of contact when working with my team.  From time to time, one of them may send you an email, or answer your phone call, but I am handling your transaction.
  3. Yes, I have this website listing your home, as well as MANY others. is the most important of the others, but also Craigs List, all Prudential websites, and many Real Estate oriented portal sites such as MSN and AOL.  Emails are checked and reviewed at least every 2 hours, and inquiries from agents or buyers are responded to immediately.  If I am not there to make a response, my team calls me for whatever information they require.
  4. As a Seller, you should hear from me at least monthly (Short Sales) or weekly (Standard Sales).  If anyone makes an offer, or a contract issue arises, we will be in contact within hours.
  5. I invite you to review my Aggressive Marketing strategy.
  6. I will certainly give you the names and contact information for 2-3 sellers closest to your home and situation.  Also, have a look at my Testimonials page.
  7. If you are not satisfied with my performance, you may terminate our listing agreement at any time.  If you wish to terminate the listing for any other reason, you may do so at any time, but I will ask you to pay the $150.00 Multiple Listing termination fees that the services will charge me for your withdrawal.
  8. I am paid by you, the Seller, out of the proceeds at closing.  In the case of a Short Sale, it is paid out of the Lender’s proceeds.  If you select any Premium Services listed on my Aggressive Marketing Strategy page, there are set fees up-front for the extra services.  These fees are clear, arranged up-front, and strictly apply if you choose that extra service.  Payment is due at time of Listing for these Premium Services.  Being paid by you, at the time of closing, ensures that I will do everything in my power to get your house sold (or I don’t get paid), and to negotiate the best price for you (the more you make, the more I make).
  9. You and I will come up with the price for your house together.  I will show you the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your home, so you can see what the “Fair Market Value” is for your property.  We then discuss your needs and special circumstances (for example, you are relocating and need to sell fast), and how that should affect your price.  In the end, it is your decision what price to put on your house.
  10. Again, I invite you to review  my Aggressive Marketing strategy.  Everything marked as “STD” is something I pay for as part of my job of marketing your house.  There are certain extra-cost services that you may elect, which come with a fee.  They are marked “PRM”.

What ELSE do I do for you, beyond aggressively marketing your home?  I provide a service that includes many facets:

  • Expert Contract Negotiation.  I am with you every step of the way in the contract negotiation process, looking out for your best interests.  This is the second most important reason you hire me – my ability to protect you and guide you through the contract and inspection negotiation periods.  You will go through this process a handful of times in your life.  I’ve been through many many more, and know what to look for.
  • Expert Inspection Negotiation.  This is a VERY stressful process, with a lot of technical terms.  It is frequently the cause of terminated sales contracts, and needs careful handling.  We’ve done this many times, and can respond to any findings with estimates and second-opinions as needed.  We’ve ‘got your back.’
  • Closing Coordination Services.  We will navigate you through the closing process, working hand-in-hand with the Lender and the Buyer’s Agent to ensure everything goes smoothly.  If the lender provides an advance copy of the HUD-1 settlement form, we will review it with you prior to closing, so you are prepared and know what to expect.
  • Access to my private service provider referral network.  These are service providers that I do not put on my web links page, because they do not have electronic storefronts.  These providers can help you prepare your home for sale, or respond to the inspection ‘findings’ quickly and economically.  To be clear, my only relationship with these people is to recommend them to you, for the service that I understand you to need.  I receive no commission or fees from them.
  • Professional Interior Design and Staging advice.  With 12 years of interior design experience, I am uniquely qualified to advise you on what you need to best present your home to prospective buyers.  If you need assistance with this advice, I will refer you to a professional stager who will charge an extra fee.

Concierge Services (additional fees necessary):

  • Security Checks.  If you will be leaving the house vacant, I can check weekly to ensure that the house remains secure and in good condition.
  • Regular Maintenance.  If you will be leaving the property vacant, I can arrange for a service to cut and (if needed) water the lawn, and maintain your ‘curb appeal’.