Why My Home Isn’t Selling?

Have you ever wondered why of everyone else’s house is selling and your house isn’t?   The answer is usually price. If your home isn’t selling, buyers think the value of your house is less than the price you are asking for.

What you want to make from selling your home means absolutely nothing to buyers or to the marketplace. So over-pricing your house (in their eyes) will most likely be a failure. You may think that your house is way better than other sold houses in your area. Unfortunately for sellers, your opinion doesn’t carry any weight with buyers. Only their opinion matters in this area.

The solution is to get the price right. This is done by using what is called a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). Hiring the right agent is important. We at Home Expo Gallery do this for you prior to meeting you to list your home. A CMA breaks down the sales price of homes that are similar to yours in location, size, age and condition.

Price is not always the reason, but it can cover almost all other reasons.  The buyer has a value in mind and the further you are from their ideal, the lower the price they want to pay.  If buyers see imperfections in your listing, they will want a discount, so if they’re not buying, your price is not discounted enough for buyers to believe the value to them at least equals that of your price.

We at Home Expo Gallery consider the listing prices of homes on the market. We keep eye on the market thread so that your home price is on target. We will help you eliminate any issues buyers may have with your house before listing it. Give us a call now and let us help you answer your questions.

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